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abut it'll become so much more. concrete and steel... a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. >> good morning. welcome to 11 news sunday morning, i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. first let's look outside with meteorologist tony pann. >> so far it's not too bad. a little sunshine sneaking through. temperatures in the upper 70's but the more sunshine that works into this unstable atmosphere,
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the better the chance we will see thunderstorms pop up. 77 currently at the airport, dew point at 70. it has a tropical feel to it. showers and thunderstorms possible later this morning and afternoon. high temperatures in the mid 80's. we will take the seven-day forecast through the end of the week. >> racing to the end, you have another day left to head down the for the baltimore grand prix, our big story this morning. >> it all wraps up this morning. george lettis made a pit stop by the track to see how things were going. >> the race to the end of the second annual grand prix of baltimore is in the home stretch. so far, the new organizers of the race say despite literal bumps in the road, it's been a success, even though they know they won't make money on this. >> we came on board so late. we had about 100 days and we are realistic.
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to do it right, you need more than 100 days. >> making money was a big issue for downtown restaurants last year. a lack of marketing and access to places like harbor east, federal hill and little italy brought disappointing business. so far this year -- >> but this year it's improved. they're more familiar with what roads are closed and which ways they can travel, so if you come to little italy, you will not be blocked by any barricades. >> the races on saturday ended at around 6:30 instead of around 9:00 p.m. last year and we are told they redesigned the track to allow better access to neighborhoods. but do these crowds compare to the average saturday night? >> it's definitely slower. it's a holiday weekend. we were hoping the grand prix would bring in more business for us. we had meetings, we were trying to pool everything together and get a party going for after the races.
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>> the city and race organizers know there are going to be growing pain. >> our role model is the long beach grand prix. it had a rough year or two getting started but it's now in its 35th year. it's revitalized the downtown of long beach. we see this event with the potential to do that for baltimore or for the east coast. >> speaking of money, the promoters of the race have promised to pay vendors and the city back the money owed for the race as opposed to what happened last year. in downtown, george lettis, wbal tv-11 news. >> make your pit stop for baltimore grand prix information. we will show you roads to avoid, give you race information and a map of the course. it's all on the home page. >> this morning, baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that involved several of their own officers. it happened around 10:00 p.m. last night on lorraine avenue in north baltimore. police say two detectives from the violent crime impact section observed an armed man
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sitting on the steps of a house. when they approached, he went inside. we are told the detectives followed him and the man drew a semi automatic handgun and pointed it in the general direction of police. >> they saw an individual who they believed to be armed with a handgun. as they approached the suspect, the suspect ran inside of the house. the officers pursued him. once inside the house, the suspect pulled out a handgun and started firing rounds, the officers fired on the suspect. the suspect is in a local hospital ready to for injuries. >> the detectives have been placed on routine administrative duty pending an investigation into the shooting. that shooting comes a week after police say officers shot and wounded a man in south baltimore after he fired a gun in their direction. >> in baltimore county, police have charged a man with an early-morning stabbing in essex. just before 3:00 a.m., police responded to -- the 500 block of eastern boulevard next to sinix bar they found darryl lovellette. suffering multiple stand wound
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in a parking lot. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police arrested 21-year-old christopher wolf, an acquaintance of his, and is charged with first-degree murder, being held without bail. county police were also called to the 7100 block of darlington drive in parkville at tee bee's place bar, where police found 38-year-old tavares jones. investigators say he was an employee at the bar and was stabbed while breaking up a fight between patrons. jones was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are looking for a suspect. >> city fire officials are trying to learn what sparked a fire that killed one person in east baltimore. this picture was provided to us by baltimore city fire officials. the fire happened just before 3:00 saturday in the 15000 block of holbrook street. investigators say crews found the body of a man inside the home, pronounced dead on the scene. neighbors say the man was well known in the neighborhood. >> he was a good guy. he was a real good guy. everybody loved him in the neighborhood, everybody loved him. i loved him.
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the whole neighborhood knew him well. >> police say while searching the building, one firefighter fell through the floor into the basement but was not injured. >> it's 9:07, 78 degrees on tv hill. hundreds of vets return from war to a life of unemployment. up next, what they can do to retain work while overseas. >> indy cars tearing through the streets of baltimore. we are live downtown on the last full day of the grand prix. >> the tropics are active. we will talk about that coming up.
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>> welcome back, good morning. the time is 10 minutes after 9:00, 77 degrees -- or 79 downtown. dry at the present time but we expect showers and thunderstorms to kick in later this morning. if you have outdoor plans, try
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to do it this morning, if you can. excuse me. i'm all right. a little hair ball. let's start in the tropics. this is tropical leslie. i'm all right, really. this storm is almost a hurricane, sustained winds 70 miles. >> i can do weather. >> come on over here. >> i was ready to save you. >> i'm ok. leslie, sustained winds 70 miles per hour, almost a hurricane. it's going to miss puerto rico. but the computer models take it up towards the east coast of the united states. the model suggest not what we call in agreement. some are doing loopdy loops in the atlantic. some take the storm towards the new england coast so if you have travel plans in new england north of baltimore towards the tail end of next weekend, pay attention to what happens with leslie.
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we have the ghost of isaac coming across the southern part of illinois. it's lost tropical characteristics but you can see circulation of what was the storm with heavy rain ahead of it, showers and thunderstorms, virginia, back into ohio, same thing in indiana. eventually this will catch up to us. nothing showing up on the radar now except little showers in pennsylvania but this will probably cross over ridge tops, moving in later this afternoon. as i was saying, best to do things outside this morning than this afternoon. 71 degrees in parkton. forecast today, variable clouds, chance for showers and thunderstorms. high temperatures will range between 83 and 88, a humid day so you'll notice that tropical humidity. bay forecast, east-southeast wind at 10, wave heights around one foot. the next high tide at fort mchenry, 8:22 this morning.
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seven-day forecast, showers and thunderstorms likely tomorrow, chance for rain 60% on monday. probably a better chance for rain than today and then the chance for rain tapering off during the middle week, down to 40% by wednesday, clearing on thursday and friday with highs staying in the low to mid 80's the next five or six days. >> still ahead on 11 news, make sure your kids set the trends in fashion. a sneak peek at what's hot. >> michelle obama joins forces with service members to help take care of their families after life on the battlefield.
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>> welcome back, everyone. first lady michelle obama says more than 100,000 veterans and spouses have been trained or hired through a white house initiative designed to help military families find work. mrs. obama announced that 2,000 companies around the country are ready to train or hire more veterans or spouses after they end military service.
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>> they are doubling down on their commitment to all of you and today they're pledging to hire and train another quarter of a million of our nation's heroes, 250,000, including at least 50,000 military spouses. >> we are joined now by attorney steve silverman with more on this. steve, thank you so much for coming in. >> good morning. >> what we are seeing is that members of the national guard and the reserve, they go off, serve their country, come back and the job that's supposed to be waiting for them isn't? >> the job is not waiting for them. most employers don't recognize their obligations under the law. maryland, as we celebrate labor day is, very anti-labor state. generally speaking, an employer can fire an employee if they don't like the way they walk, talk, comb their hair.
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it doesn't matter. there are very few rights we have. in 1994, president clinton enacted usaa, the uniform service employment and reemployment rights act with the goal for vets to fret less when they go off to fight a war overseas or go into active reserves and come back and their job is supposed to be waiting for them. their only obligation is to make sure their employer knows, orally or in writing, that they've been reactivated and as long as they have five years or less of away time, the employer is supposed to hold the job and give them the same job with same benefits and pay. >> but what happens? what recourse do you have if you find out they didn't hold the job? >> that's the problem. even with the law protecting
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you, a lot of vets are financially strapped and can't afford to hire a lawyer. they can file a complaint with the department of labor and if the department of labor can resolve it, they will. sometimes they'll refer to the department of justice and they'll refer to a private attorney who may agree to do it pro bono or sometimes on a contingency. >> is everybody eligible for reemployment under the law, all vets? >> anyone in a uniform, basically, is eligible under the protections of usara, yes. >> which employers are covered by the law? >> all employers, public and private, but you'd be shocked. i've seen law firms, i've seen government state's attorney's was on. there's a case in baltimore city last year where a prosecutor went off to active duty, came
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back and they didn't hold his job and he had to sue. >> wow. >> and the law's black and white. it's really clear and it's the right thing to do, it's just shocking that some employers don't respect vets. >> if you are in the reserves or the national guard, check with your human resource office to see what they know what the deal is when you start a job. >> yes. >> thanks so much. stay with us. coming up next, the sunday gardener. >> this morning we are going to talk about plants and pots. i guess what's important, one, the soil. that needs special consideration. so do the pots. you want to make sure you have one with plenty of drainage. >> we will detail this coming up with sunday gardener.
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>> some of the most skills drivers in the world will weave high octane race cars through city streets for the last day of the grand prix. >> one of those drivers is ed carpenter, team owner and driver in the izod indycar series. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us the situation, do you like the track? it's always a fun track to come to, very challenging. it's bumpy and has challenges but it's been an interesting weekend. we had a little bit of rain before practice for qualifying of the we are waiting on rain today. teams and drives have to be prepared for a little bit of everything. we have a plan a and plan b for
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the rain. we will see what happens. >> what is more exciting about street racing than racing on a track? it's very variable. like last year to this year, the track changes when you're racing on city streets especially in a place like baltimore that has a winter. roads can move, railroad tracks can move. it changes year in and year out so adapting and figuring out the changes, whoever does that quickest separates themselves. >> do you like seeing people cheering you on and smiling? >> yeah, street races are always fun because it has an urban atmosphere and a lot of people come out. the crowd's been ok. the weather may have hurt yesterday but hopefully we will see people out in force today on the streets of baltimore. >> it's so muggy. don't want you get not your suit? i was sitting with one of the female race car drivers the other day and it was 90 degrees. she was sitting in the car.
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what's it like? >> it's very hot. hydration is key. this is a very bumpy, very physical, physical track, especially when you got near 90-degree heat, it makes it hard. that's why we are professionals. we train all year long for events like this and we are ready for a strong run today. >> ed carpenter, thank you so much, good luck. >> good morning and welcome to your sunday "sunday gardener," i'm john collins with carrie engel. we are going to talk about containers. now we are heading more inside. we have to start thinking about it. we had a nice question from janet. she's worked with cocoa mats before but has had a hard time custom making one for her container. a lot of these come freformed.
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>> like this one down here made for a specific sized hanging basket. >> this is more for a hay rack planter. a lot of different sizes in that but sometimes you may have a bigger one or odd shaped one. >> a sheet of the cocoa mat. carefully look that the one in here. they've cut this in pie sections to fit down inside and mine, i let them overlap but this one's fancy cut and stitched together and you trim around the outside. it's not that difficult. you may botch up the first one but after that, you'll learn. >> like fishing line. >> you don't even have to be that fancy. >> exactly. staple it. >> once you have the soil in, it works fine. this is the time of year your plant have outgrown a pot or you're thinking of bringing something inside that's in the
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garden. >> you want to lift it up and put it in potting soil. don't use garden soil. this is potting soil in here with peat moss and pearlite and vermiculate. >> it's very loose and doesn't have clay. >> the mix you use inside, you want it about 50% of mineral matter and 25% airspace, 25% water space and where we cheat it is that airspace, once the roots get in there, that's when you have problems. >> you mention drainage. >> a lot of these pots have drajage. some like this is self watering so it has a shelf. >> there's a space and you water through this and a wick to bring water from the reservoir into the soil. >> most grower's spots you pick up in the garden center have
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really good drainage. we pop them into a pot with no drainage. this has a hole in the bottom. >> we will run into the tray. it overflows quickly. >> but what i like to do is take my plant, set it in a cash po like that, take it out of this to water it so it drains well and it's nice and easy. >> when you do buy a pot, buy one with a hole in it or one you can drill holes in. these plastic ones are easy to drill out a hole and don't to walk away because they include a tray. >> or purchase it separately and it's a good way to go. i can't tell you how many old regular placed i use. big pots like this i like to use, a dolly. i have a citrus tree that must be in a 24-inch pot and that's the only way i get it from room to room. >> the other thing about this
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pot, if you're going to put soil in that pot and put the plant in, there's no drainage. >> but if you can take a drill, go right through there. this is styrofoam type so can you just stab it. >> the key is the soil and drainage. >> yeah, just take care with the plant. >> and have fun and just remember, summer's ending and autumn is coming so we will talk more approximate -- about this and pots coming up. >> if you have a garden question, send it to sunday gardener, 3800 hooper avenue, maryland you can also see it on our website, >> 9:28 and 78 degrees on tv hill. q&a coming up next with the president of the national right to work. and step up your style this semester with runway ready outfits. >> things are quiet
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weather-wise, likely changing in the afternoon. we will check the seven-day forecast and update the tropics.
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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning, thanks so much for joining us.
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>> we will check with tony on the weather. >> right now it's not raining but it is humid, a tropical feel to the atmosphere outside, dew points in the low 70's so at least for right now it's not that bad but in the afternoon, we will probably see thunderstorms develop. upper 70's already, 77 at the airport, 73 in westminster. the forecast today, scattered storms and thunderstorms developing later in the afternoon and this evening. the earlier in the day you do stuff outside, the better. 86 the high temperature. when we return, we will take the seven-day forecast through the week.f the >> it's time now for sunday morning q&a and joining susmark micks, president of the right to work organization. tell us about right to work. >> it's a simple concept. we believe every individual
9:32 am
worker should have the right to join a union and the right to associate but unfortunately law allows workers to be fired for failure to pay fees so we are in favor of voluntary uniism. >> you've worked with states with significant issues. >> indiana became the 23rd right to work state in america and the battles in wisconsin with the shutdown of the legislature there, there's significant issues with the union issues. >> how does maryland fare? >> maryland is a non-right-to-work state so you can be fired for failure to pay dues to a union and that's unfortunate. there a movement to change that? >> there is. there is legislation introduced in annapolis to consider right-to-work. i would say maryland's probably lower down the hierarchy of states that would pass
9:33 am
right-to-work laws. >> jobs a huge issue in the election. what are some of the things voters should keep in mind from both candidates? >> jobs, according to candidates running for office, is job number one. states with right-to-work laws have seen dramatic increase in job creation, manufacturing job growth. but i think we time-out pay attention to, is the job creation coming from unleashing the private sector or growing government? i think the difference is stark. the current president of the united states has decided he is in favor of compulsory uniism. on the other ticket, they're not sure but working their way toward individual freedom in the workplace. >> big decisions to make coming up. my co-worker thinks my daughter deserves a raise. if you have two kids, watch out but if she can give us a
9:34 am
call. >> dog and the cat don't help. >> maybe. much for joining us this morning. appreciate it very much. our next guest next week will be dr. ocalcides baribeau, health commissioner for baltimore city. if you have a question, email them to sunday questions at please don't go away. here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up next on "meet the press." >> coming up, the republicans have their turn in tampa. now the democrats head to charlotte. we will examine the stark choice between president obama and governor romney and the case for re-election with one of the architects for the president's first term in was on, mayor of chicago rahm emanuel. doris kearns goodwin weighs in on the battleground and politics of the race.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> welcome back. the time is 9:37, 77 degrees at the airport. a little bit of fog on the tower cam and fog in a couple of neighborhoods this morning, especially if you had rain last night. that should burn off quickly and for the next couple of hours, the weather will be fine with rain coming in this afternoon. in the tropics briefly, this is tropical leslie, the tropics are still active in the atlantic. sustained winds 70 miles per hour, it may be a hurricane later today but the good news is looks like it will miss san juan but this is a storm east coast residents should be watching. this is the latest plot of the
9:38 am
computer models and you'll notice that a lot of them are confused on what to do with the storm. some of them loopdy loop but suffice to say some of the longer range models take this close to the new england coast towards the tail end of the upcoming weekend so if you have travel plans north of baltimore for that time frame, watch what happens with leslie. in the short term, we've got our stuff to deal, with the ghost of isaac, the remnants of isaac, not a tropical system but you can see the circulation with heavy rain ahead of it, showers and thunderstorms in west virginia and back into the ohio. nothing showing up on the radar around baltimore right now. you had rain in pennsylvania but like i said, at least the next couple of hours, it will be ok. the sooner in the day you do stuff outside, the better the chance you'll have dry weather. sunshine breaking throughout the clouds with instability and thunderstorms this afternoon. 77 at the airport, 75 in
9:39 am
coffeesville. variable clouds, chance for showers and thunderstorms. best chance this afternoon with high temperatures between 83 and 88 and humid with dew points in the low 70's. east-southeast wind at 10 knots on the bay, watch for lightning later today. other than that, it should be ok. the next high tide at fort mchenry is at 8:57 this evening. seven-day forecast through the rest of the week, pretty good chance for rain tomorrow, not a washout but 60% chance for showers and thunderstorms, chance tapering off in the middle of the week, clearing up on thursday and grds -- friday with high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. >> school has started for everybody but some people are still getting their outfits together and we have ideas for making sure your kids are looking the best. >> i can't believe summer is
9:40 am
over. know where it went. i'm so glad it's still warm out but for the kids, it's time for school. i brought a few nolds -- nolds show us fashions. jade goes to bates middle school and prints are in. she looks cute and comfortable with a native american inspired dress and the best way to take a dress and take it from summer to fall, especially for kids, add leggings so we added leggings, great for the morning where it's cold out but warms up. this is a great way to transition a dress into fall. comfortable and cute. >> i never thought about that. thank you, jade. prints are in. >> prints are in, animal prints, tribal prints. your kind of prints. up next is molena. she goes to marlie middle. she has a cute tribal printed shirt and again, another thing that's really hot, no matter the
9:41 am
age, the colored leggings, really cute. a nice dark purple legging. jeans legging and the thing about the jean leggings i really like, they're very versatile. the main thing is from taking it from the summer to the fall is to do still bright but deeper colors. if you think of bright orange, bright yellow, that's summer. so colors like the deep purples, teal, emerald, even mustard, great for fall. next is maria. she goes to mcdaniel college and again this is is another way to wear the colored jean legging, a little more dressed up, a vintage feel. great for the fall, summer/fall.
9:42 am
>> can everybody wear jegings? do you have to have the model body? >> you don't want have to have the model body as long as you have the right top. you don't have to show bottom to top. you can wear a nice top. the jegings are great because they can be casual, dressy, look great with a sweater, with a tank top and flip-flops. as long as you wear them well, it's safe. >> thank you. >> and up next is blair and she recently graduated from morgan state. >> congratulations. >> and blair of course any college student if you're walking to classes, you want to be cute and definitely so a nice pair of comfortable jeans, a trange rein sweater which i love, the color pops and it's great. also transitional piece because it's a lightweight sweater material, stylish and
9:43 am
effortless, basically a t-shirt and sweater with the color giving style, fashionable and comfortable, ballet slippers and ready to go. the great thing about chunky sweaters are in, you can take it from summer to fall, layer it, wear a flowy maxi dress, maxi skirt. and you look great and you're ready for the fall. >> go get that job, girl. >> and then up next is gerard. he goes to reche partnership high school. we gave him a really nice comfortable casual look, jeans with a boot. his jeans are tapered on the leg and the thing that makes the outfit is the cardigan. he's wearing jeans and short sleeved summer shirt so it's a great way to take summer t t-shirts but make them fall, throw a cardigan over it. >> what is with not tying up the shoes? >> you don't want to be uptight,
9:44 am
casual, cool. >> thanks to all the models and all of the makeup and hairstylists that were in. >> definitely, all the clothes from macy's in towson and who did your hair? at sheer bella and thank you from makeup, marney, anthony and keira. thank you. >> thank you, models. thank you, monta ray. for more on the fashions, check out lona's website. don't go away. sunday brunch in the kitchen.
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>> welcome back, time for sunday brunch. joining us this morning is kyle the breakfast shop. tell us, you are located in is a verna park. >> 552 richie highway in the plaza shopping center and we have been here for two years. >> and today you're making chicken and waffles. >> probably one of our most popular dishes. people call in and ask us to make it any day of the weekist let's start with the chicken. >> all natural chicken breast, butter flied it in half and pounded it out thin.
9:48 am
just a dredge of simple all-purpose flour. >> ready to go. >> egg wash and our proprietary seasoning. >> you won't tell me what's in the secret seasoning. >> after we get off the air. >> a little flour. >> and use gloves because if you touch chicken, you want your hands clean. into the egg wash, into the flour. use another dry hand, easy enough, into the deep fryer it goes. >> how long do you that the cook? >> this will cook for about 10 minutes. if you're using a bigger pot of oil, it will go quicker. i also have a waffle maker and we made butter milk waffles with the combination of sweet versus savory and a gravy. >> how do you make that? >> it's flour, butter. we use a bunch of different seasonings, salt, pepper, milk
9:49 am
and heavy cream and bring it down, make a reaoux and serve it. a lot of people put hot sauce and honey but the gravy was making people come in. >> you have a success story with your business. tell me about. >> it it was a family owned business. my partner, jeff fitchet, he basically brought it up from the level about two years ago, moved to our new location so it was a bigger restaurant with more people, more issues, good and bad. and really over the last year or so we've felt good what we are doing and the restaurant has taken off and happy to be here. >> you're ready to explode with your recipes. morning we saw the breakfast egg rolls. what else do you specialize in? >> breakfast tacos, a backpacker's pie, a huge skillet
9:50 am
with everything in it, green peppers, tomatoes, home fries, six eggs, cheddar, monterey jack cheese. log on to our website,, click on food for a recipe or send us a self addressed stamped envelope to wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. stay with us.
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>> 11 sports with pete gilbert. big day for the orioles. later this afternoon at yankee stadium they go for a series win against the yanks, which would be the third time this year they have done so and first time since they won three divisions in 1994. they could have done it except
9:53 am
for what happened yesterday. off to a good start, matt weiters. top of the fourth, solo shot, his 18th, made it 3-0, orioles. wei-yin chen pitched well for 6 2/3, striking out derek jeter. he had a quality start. usually that means a win. pedro strop came in in relief of chen, and didn't have command. walks jeter, walks in a run. game tied at 3-3. nick swisher up the middle. j.d. hardy was perfectly placed but booted the ball. not something you see often for number 2. that allowed the winning run to score. the yankees went on for the 4-3 victory. later today, the orioles can get the series win against new york. college football yesterday, season opener for the maryland terrapins hosting william and mary. good defense in this one. darius killgo. a fine defender's name. one of four maryland sacks on the afternoon. at quarterback is true freshman perry hills, his first start. 16-24, three interceptions.
9:54 am
ivan tago from burtonsville hauled in that one. fourth quarter, maryland offense finally gets it done. into the end zone is justin pickett, a six-yard score is all they needed. terps win 7-6. the first-ever college football game in ireland. navy facing notre dame, an atmosphere in an historical outing. first quarter, it would go awfully well for those from south bend. george atkinson went right, left, into the end zone, 56 yards, 13-0, notre dame. navy's first drive of the second half, its best of the day. trey miller perfect throw, nice catch to sean lynch, 27-10. navy finding a way to get back into it, never happened. atkinson finished with 99 yards rushing. great trip but forgettable game for the mids. 50-10, notre dame victorious over the midshipmen. i'm pete gilbert. we will see you at 6:00 p.m.
9:55 am
>> let's look at this finished product, absolutely delicious. >> i'm going to visit you guys. you've talked me into it. i got to go to your restaurant. you guys are awesome. >> he says some people put the chicken on top of the waffles and eat it altogether. >> i think you had the right idea with the waffle sandwich, the waffles and the chicken. is that wrong? >> let's see you do it. >> i could do it. >> if you come in, i will name it after you. >> oh, the tony. >> one more look at the seven-day forecast. >> the chicken? >> 50% chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. this morning it's dry. i suggest you do stuff outside as early in the day as you can because the further in the day, the better the chance for rain. mild, 60% chance for thunderstorms and this is all because of the ghost of isaac coming through here. >> pretty soon pumpkin pancakes
9:56 am
coming up the end of september. >> the fresh squeezed orange juice is delicious. >> that's all the time we have for now. >> have a great one. >> this is a wbal tv-11 editorial with president and general manager, dan joerres. >> traditionally, the first day of school signals a new beginning with great anticipation for the school year.
9:57 am
unfortunately that was not the case for perry hall high school. a 17-year-old student was shot and critically injured by a 15-year-old fellow student in the school cafeteria. immediate heroic action by a guidance counselor who subdued the shooter prevented further carnage as students evacuated the building. it appeared that the school's emergency evacuation plan worked. now the healing begins for the victim and student body. increased security and counseling have been provided for students and staff. perry hall has a reputation as a top performing school and officials say they will continue to concentrate on that goal as they share concern for both the victim and the suspect. having the first week of school end with a 15-year-old student charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder and first degree assault is not on the agenda for the school or their new c.e.o. dr. dallas dance. but now it is reality. one lesson for adults is that while gun ownership is a right, that comes with the responsibility of securing weapons so they are not accessible to children.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 10, Maryland 10, Orioles 3, Perry 3, Leslie 3, Navy 3, Pennsylvania 2, Hooper 2, Blair 2, Michelle Obama 2, England 2, Baltimore City 2, Tony Pann 2, Indiana 2, Isaac 2, Italy 2, Pete Gilbert 2, Atlantic 2, Atkinson 2, Jade 1
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